Engage your citizens

A participating society is the key ingredient for governments to be successful. Bring together your most committed citizens in a safe, open and fun environment. 


Local heroes

Create a strong connection with committed citizens. Attract informed ambassadors and have eyes and ears for things happening in your neighborhoods. 



Participation on new projects

Validate new projects with community support using a simple and user-friendly place for anyone to participate. Collect new ideas, votes and inspiration for improvement of your city.



Keep your citizens up to date by sharing bite-sized information. Allow people to subscribe to different topics and send out updates by email.


A local community engaged with their city centre
Mijn Weerselo

With almost 3000 citizens the local community of Weerselo knows it's city centre as no one else. So when the municipality Dinkelland started with a development perspective for Weerselo, the local community was asked to participate.

Participating citizens

In collaboration with Over Morgen (a consultancy in urban planning) over 54% of the citizens were reached with the community platform and were able to share their ideas and feedback for the city centre and ring road. Thanks to transparant and public information the citizens of Weerselo stood behind the choices made for the development perspective.

We have created a customized interactive map for the citizens where the spatial planning is visualized. In doing so, citizens are able to see directly what the plans mean. Within the map, they can post new ideas or comments on specific parts of the plan with just a simple mouseclick on the map. With the flexibility of Crowded and their pro-active thinking we were able to engage all the people involved.
— Mirte van der Vliet, Project Manager at Over Morgen