Engage your customers

The satisfaction and happiness of customers is one of the main drivers for your success. Increase retention and upgrade your brand by starting an online community!


Peer to peer support

Consumers value the authenticity of opinions and experiences coming from their peers. Let consumers help consumers and reduce costs by increasing loyalty at the same time. 



Customer satisfaction

Educated consumers that have a better understanding of your product are more satisfied. Share inspiration, guides and other relevant content that helps your customers make their money well spent.



Have an open door for feedback and ideas coming from your customers. Organize idea-competitions, reward great feedback and work with your customers on new innovations.


The right answer in less than a minute
Travel Agency

In a recent research pilot we created a community for a travel agency where consumers could ask questions to other people that already went to the same destitination. Enthousiast travellers were eager to share their experience, sometimes leading to a record time of 40 seconds until the right answer came in.

Extending support while reducing costs

The community allowed consumers to ask very specific accomdation-related questions that support agents could never have known the answer to. At the same time, more general questions being answered by consumers reduce the load on support. As a bonus, community asked questions remain visible online, lowering the amount of support requests even more.

Closed community