Engage your hackathon participants

Hackathons are a great driver for innovation while creating a strong connection with a talented community. Extend your relation beyond the days of your event and get the most value out of your hackathon.


Create teams online

Allow your innovators to create their teams beforehand and place open spots to attract lonewolves to join their team, so no time is wasted during the hackathon.



Decrease no-show

Engage your hackers towards, during and after the hackathon with new content from the organisation and your partners. Interest your hackers with new datasets and software previews.

Share inspiration 

Show the world which innovations have been invented during your hackathon and show (future) partners the benefits of sponsoring your hackathon.


The best multi-corporate hackathon
Dutch Open Hackathon

Seven large Dutch organizations joined forces while organizing the most inspiring weekend of the year. A great amount of teams signed up and with the use of spots all the lonewolves found a team to join.

Driving global innovation

The participants could join one of the four tracks during the hackathon, within each track all the needed information was shared and notifications were send automatically. The teams could update their teampage during the hackathon so none of the projects are lost over time.

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Dutch Open Hackathon wanted more engagement for their 2016 edition between developers and the corporates in the weeks prior to the event to -besides fun- increase the quality of the ideas and their elaboration. Crowded came with an instant solution which achieved exactly the result we hoped for.
— Miguel van Bodegom, Chairman of the Dutch Open Hackathon 2016