Engage your employees

Your employees know best. Their little frustrations and practical experiences can be a fertile ground for innovation.



Generate new ideas

Create a place for employees to share their ideas online. Increase the quality of ideas by allowing the community collaborate and give feedback. Open up voting and give everyone a say. The result?  A community curated selection of new opportunities.



Make them proud

Allow employees to tell their stories, celebrate successes and share best practices with others. Let the community give credit where it belongs and give room for people to rise up.


Social support for change 

Introduce new standards and policies with strong support. Collect examples, inspiration and suggestions from employees.


Thousands of proud employees sharing global successes
Global Financial Company

With their own dedicated commuity for celebrating success, a big financial company uses Crowded to share local projects to thousands of colleagues on the other side of the world. It creates a connected culture and above all achieves efficiency by spreading the best learnings in a playful way.

Everybody wins

Teams can share their stories in a very accessible way, so both big and tiny steps forward have a place. Although every quarter the community votes on their favorite story and only one can win, it is still raining likes and praise for everyone.

Private Community