Engage your network

Your network holds immense value. With an online community, the opportunities, knowledge and connections in your community can be harvested and showcased in a meaningful way. 


Create visibility

Facilitate your stakeholders with a dedicated page where they can share their projects, generate interest and most importantly publish updates to your community.



Share best practices

Your network knows best what's relevant to them, and to others. Gather the knowledge and trends from your partners in an interactive and inspiring way.


Attract new members

An active community is a great reason for others to join. Grow your network and create new business opportunities for the current partners.


The world's leading smart city community
Amsterdam Smart City

With thousands of monthly active members Amsterdam Smart City is the place for innovators, governments and citizens interested in Smart City solutions. Everyday people share interesting developments, publish their projects and find new opportunities.

International Attention

A growing group of international goverments is using Amsterdam Smart City as their resource for inspiration and new ideas. Making the community not just a great place for local innovators, but also a leader in this global innovative movement.

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“I would recommend Crowded if you are looking for a software partner who sits on top of the latest developments, can deploy those rapidly and thus build a user friendly and dedicated community in a smart and sustainable way.”
— Emma van der Veen, Community Manager at Amsterdam Smart City
“This community just works.”
— Employee of Alliander, partner of Amsterdam Smart City