Fulltime Job position

Backend Engineer .Net C# F#

We're looking for an experienced back-end engineer with functional programming experience and interested to learn F#.
Friendly enviroment

Work at your own time and pace. From home, in our spacious office in Amsterdam or remote.

Passionate team

We're an eager team that loves experimenting w/ new technologies and improve as individuals.

Hi there 👋🏼, 

We're looking for new colleagues to join our startup and develop a fast, intuitive and scalable community platform. If you're interested, we'd love to get to know you a bit over coffee. We look forward to meeting you!

We're looking for an experienced Back-end engineer who has experience in a typed functional language like Scala, Haskell, OCaml, PureScript or Elm and is interested to learn F#.
We're Crowded: A b2b SaaS out-of-the-box community platform that comes in your brand and can be anything from a forum to an Upvoting Listicle platform, intranet or networking platform. We work from Amsterdam, and are looking for full-time, self-directed people.
Our challenges are diverse as we run into anything from complex and performant tree traversals in SQL, authorization resolvers, parsers, events tooling for custom analytics, hand tuning SQL and other challenges like these.

🏢 What kind of company is Crowded?

We're a self-funded startup from Amsterdam, 3 years old, and growing. Our technology and UX is at the core of the company and it's a shared passion across the entire team (including sales/support). Our daily focus is to build the most intuitive and flexible Social Platform there is.

Among our customers we serve:

  • Small-medium-companies and municipalities like The Hague, Amsterdam, and others spread across Europe.
  • Enterprises, mostly in the financial space like J.P. Morgan Chase, ING, ABN AMRO, Moneyou, KLM, Capgemini and others.

👷🏼 What are we building?

Our backend is developed on the cross platform and recent .Net Core 2 platform. We write functional flavored C# and F# on macOS/linux. And then we deploy it to our linux fleet. We strive to find the right abstractions to keep complexity low and we love keeping our stack simple. We'd rather optimize on top of a few pieces we're expert on than repeatedly add new specialized infrastructure, this keep us sane as a small team.

We're building a customizable, extensible and white-label community platform. It takes many different shapes, from being a simple forum, to a full blown networking website or even a marketplace. Currently 50+ different communities run on Crowded, on their own domain, with their own branding, each with vastly different configurations but all running the same software on our servers.

Our customers depend on our product daily and trust us with their brand and image so quality and stability is very important to us. It's a nice engineering challenge to keep all parts functioning while we're continuously moving things around or introducing new functionality across all our different customers. That's why we take a step back and look for the right abstractions pieces before we start building features. Each feature really has to add value to the whole and should be a good fit for a large portion of our customers.

⚔️ Our Development Stack

The weapons of choice our team works with

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.Net Core

Our main framework for developing our backend API Services.

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The functional programming language we love to use whenever possible.

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We use heavily optimized SQL and smart data modeling to provide the features our customers love.

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To provide a consistent development and production environment we create containers for all services.

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Google Cloud

We're migrating to Google Cloud to to host our entire infrastructure and build pipelines.

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Our client facing environments are served through Node servers.

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The frontend clients are developed in VueJS and legacy AngularJS

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Project communication, PRs, reviews and bugs are handled on GitHub.

🤝  We'd like to meet you

We can't wait to add a new passionate colleague to our team. Here's what we think is a great fit:

Who we are looking for....

  • Strong understanding of modern software development principles and architecture design.
  • You are eager to learn new domains, tools and languages.
  • An interest in the open source community, hopefully including some contributions to projects you are a fan of.
  • We'd love it if you are an avid user of some online communities (think Producthunt, Reddit).


  • Some performance and security mindedness.
  • CS knowledge on a subject that interests you.
  • Knowledge on graphs, trees and modeling them in SQL.

🎁 What we can offer you

We deeply care about our work environment, your development and a healthy life.

Fair salary

Start your career at €45 - 70k a year

Work remote

We're optimized for async communication

No bullshit

We're a bootstrapped company, so no VC pressure.

Healthy lunches

At the office you'll get top notch lunches

A share in success

We're open to discuss stock options in the company.

Personal growth

Lots of autonomy and challenges + learning budget

❤️ What it's like to work here

We are inspired by companies like Basecamp. We believe you shouldn't just 'be in it for the long run', but rather to have a nice and fulfilling life in the present. That's why we prefer working in a relaxed environment on our own time, rhythm, place and pace. We have no investors, try to avoid insane deadlines and care about each other. Also: We're all young, building Crowded is our bet on learning a lot of new things and developing ourselves as interesting human beings. Nowadays, the border between work and leisure is vague, so work better be something that brings a lot of value to you as an individual.

This also means you have quite some autonomy (and should be willing to handle that) on when you come in and where you work from. If you want to work remote for some time after we've got to know each other, we're open to that. If you believe a certain project will be beneficial to you, we're all ears.

Our office is in Amsterdam, we work in the city center on the Herengracht, right next to Dam Square.

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