We care about great technology


Customized to fit your brand

Your community should feel like home, for you and your members.
And we offer your members a flawless experience with a customized design based on your branding guidelines and target audience.


Just what users already know

Mention your colleague @brenda on a video she would love to watch, like the post of your neighbor and share the content with your followers.  Everything you are used to, ready to use.

Enriched with powerful templates

Whether you want to collect interesting content on different subjects or have a group of people work on ideas together, with Crowded you can get the community you have in mind. Our smart templates are easily set up and customized to your needs.

We are always prepared for your next step with more than 25 templates on the shelf. Your community will grow and sometimes it's hard to predict in which way. You can easily switch our templates on and off to enable your community during its growth.


Integrate with 200+ tools

Make Crowded even better, with over 200 integrations empowering your team. Let them use their favorite tools to personalize campaigns, gather knowledge and reach their goals. 

With everything you expect

Our all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to run your community. This includes all the modern standards of the world wide web and the beautiful possibilities that comes with it.


Mobile Ready

Your smartphone is your best friend, now more than ever. That's why Crowded is completely compatible with your mobile devices.

Localized Language

We love Dutch, but we also know that not many people actually speak our language. So we have translated our product to your local language.

User Friendly

Our communities are designed so that even our grannies understand how to navigate and use them, that's why our user experience is excellent.

Search Engine Optimized

For the right amount of traffic to your community, it's important that it's easy to find. Thus our product is made with search engines in mind.


Packed with features you will love

With Crowded you won't have to ask for new features, it's already there. 




Engaging Functionality

Everything should be easy for your users. Login from anywhere with just one click and mention your neighbour @brian to show him the post you just read.

Social Sign In

Mention users

Like & vote on content

Auto Embed & Link Previews


Collaboration Features

Add numerous members as page moderator to boost co-creation and collaboration on any content. Allow members to add new pages to collections to structure your content.

Contribute to collections

Add co-editors to content

Invite teammembers


Configure permissions

Every community is different, sometimes you want them completely open and sometimes you want to keep the information private. Crowded shapes to your privacy and security needs.

Completely private communities

Invite Only Registration

Domain Whitelisted Registration

Admin only templates


Get high on data

We love numbers and you probably do too, with Crowded you have clear insights in the activity within your community and the status of your KPI's.

Advanced Build In Statistics

Always In View Insights *

User Specific Analytics

Integrate with 200+ tools


Easy to navigate

Never lose track of your browsing again. Easily navigate through different levels of content with our visualized breadcrumbs. Search through all your pages at once with our powerful global search.

Global Search


Hierarchical Content


Manage right in the community

Inline editing allows users and moderators to directly edit the content in the page without requiring them to go to a separate page. It makes the interaction more direct and intuitive.

Inline Moderation

On Page Editing

Post Scheduling


Secure and Private


ISO Certified Hosting

We only use cloud hosting partners that are ISO ISO 27001 and SOC 1 Type II Certified, and always encrypt data.

Regular External Audits

Multiple times a year external security firms perform extensive audits on our applications and infrastructure.

99,9% Uptime

See our status page for more details. Want even higher uptime? We do premium SLAs for enterprises.

Best in Class Architecture

We base the architecture of our application and servers on high industry standards.