Working at Crowded

Join our young and passionate team.

Hi there 👋🏼,

We're always on the lookout for new colleagues—but specifically, we're looking to fill the open positions below. Join our startup and develop a fast, intuitive and scalable community platform! If you're interested, we'd love to get to know you more over a coffee. We're looking forward to meeting you 😊

🏢 What kind of company is Crowded?

We're a 4-year old self-funded tech company from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Technology is at the core the company and a shared passion across the entire team (including sales/support). Our daily focus is building an intuitive and configurable Social Platform (think WordPress for Communities).

Contradictory to being all technology, in the market we operate it is fitting to be in close contact with customers on a daily basis. We build our product around their feedback and give unlimited support, but always aim to answers questions through technology and in a scalable way. Our customers are among others:

SME's and Municipalities; Like The Hague, Amsterdam, and others spread across Europe.

Enterprises, mostly in the financial space; Like the ING, ABN AMRO, Moneyou, KLM, Capgemini and others.

👷🏼 What are we building?

We're building a customizable, extensible and white-label community platform. It is web based and takes many different shapes, from being a simple forum, to a full blown networking website or even a marketplace. Currently 50+ different communities run on Crowded, on their own domain, with their own branding, each with a different configuration but all running the same software on our servers.

Our backend is developed on the brand spankin' new .Net Core platform. We write this in C# and F# on macOS and run it all on linux. Due to historical reasons we also have some PHP backend things on write duty which we're slowly phasing out piece by piece. Our front-end is written in Angular 1, and we can't wait to move to a modern framework.

We like to research so we create something that we're truly happy with and we'll always make room for R&D, even if it might not be directly relevant yet. We strive to find the right abstractions to keep complexity low and we love keeping our stack simple. We'd rather optimize on top of a few pieces we're expert on than add new specialized infrastructure, this keep us sane as a small team.

🤔 Why are we building this?

Some years ago, one of our co-founders wanted to build a community platform for Young Creators, looking around he realized there was no truly good off-the-shelf product paid or otherwise that would fit the bill and be flexible in the right places. After spending quite some time building a prototype we felt the pain, and saw a business opportunity. We believe the best community experiences online aren't tied to being just a forum, just a blogging platform, or just an event listing. We want to enable people to create a fully fledged, holistic platform that brings all things community together in one place.

❤️ What it's like to work here

We are inspired by companies like Basecamp. We believe you shouldn't just 'be in it for the long run', but rather to have a nice and fulfilling life in the present. That's why we prefer working in a relaxed environment on our own time, rhythm, place and pace. We have no investors, try to avoid insane deadlines and care about each other. Also: We're all young, building Crowded is our bet on learning a lot of new things and developing ourselves as interesting human beings. Nowadays, the border between work and leisure is vague, so work better be something that brings a lot of value to you as an individual.

This also means you have quite some autonomy (and should be willing to handle that) on when you come in and where you work from. If you want to work remote for some time after we've got to know each other, we're open to that. If you believe a certain project will be beneficial to you, we're all ears.